My horoscope january 2020

You are often acknowledgeg as having a stable personality. You are a workaholic but put your energy to good use after much reflection. You are the kind of person who looks before they leap. One of your many qualities is that, once you mind is set, you do not often change direction.

January 20th Birthday Horoscope

You hold on to what you have and are always a sure bet. You are extremely resource aware, you understand the value of things, you see the gifts and the beauty in possessions, you have a reverence for the earth and all that it offers and so this emphasis becomes even more significant for you.

It is a wonderful opportunity to learn to appreciate the beauty of the things you adore and to understand the level of security that bank accounts and savings bring to you but to go beyond them…and see where the truest forms of security are found. Feeling good about yourself, your capabilities, your abilities is paramount to feeling secure about your life and where it is leading.

Three lunar eclipses add emotional tones to the year. The first in Mar sets off a new period of enhanced prosperity consciousness. This is your first real voyage into the resource thing and helps you kick off new beginnings. In June an eclipse in Cancer adds zest and depth to conversations and your words. Emotional exchanges bring things to light.

AQUARIUS Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

November offers the intense lunar eclipse as it occurs in Scorpio and your house of partnerships. Explore new ways to express your passions. A total eclipse of the Sun in December is the grand finale of and brings in some stirring, deep, intense passion and some important partner related resources.

Before searching to feel good by bringing things in from your outer world nourish yourself from the inside out. Do a little pampering, a little self motivation and create some sensual affirmations…than practice them diligently. In October and November Venus, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio which also happens to be your house of partnerships. Expect some steamy intensity during this period…as well as some cosmic reunions, reappearances or sultry trips into nostalgia. For you, dear Taurus natives, this year will bring a lot of energy, although your health state depends very much on the way you choose to use it.

If you have vices such as smoking or excessing eating, it is advisable to quit or, at least, to reduce them. The year is not encouraging for the areas of love partnerships and well being.

Large Stellium In Capricorn December 12222 – January 2020

If you are not careful, your financial savings will not be profitable. However, you will have a good flow of money from your job or financial projects. You are advised to cut down your expenses and try to save as much money as possible.

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You have to be very much careful about your health, particularly your emotional health. Because of your fitness problems, you will not be able to focus on the various aspects of your life.

January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Spirituality and humanitarian activities will go a long way in improving your mental well being. Rat people should reduce stress and strain by avoiding unnecessary arguments and maintaining their mental stability. Visiting religious places, associating with charitable work and spending time with family members will enhance your health. While you can expect the months of April, July, and October to be troublesome, the months of March, September and November will be enjoyable. Overall, the second half of the year will bring good fortune. The forecast for Career for Rat people indicates a year of growth and promise for professional people.

You can achieve success if you work hard. Your diligence will not go waste, and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. The possibilities of rising to higher positions and getting financial rewards are bright during the year. People born in the first half of the year can be more demanding regarding your promotions and financial rewards.

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But people born in the second half of the year have to be more diplomatic in getting their benefits. As far as love is concerned, Rat Horoscope is not favorable for Rat people during the year Single people will have a problem with making new love partnerships. No permanent relationships are in the offing and whatever partnerships that are made will be just for fun. If you are in a confirmed relationship or already married, problems are likely to crop up in the union. You are advised to tackle the issues at the initial stage and should not allow them to get out of hand. Otherwise, they may blow up and become insoluble. The months of March, June, and November are favorable for love and relationships. Predictions for Finance for Rat individuals for the year prophesy that businessman and professionals will enjoy a profitable year.

Also, the stars are promising for investment in financial savings instruments. Your expenses may shoot up simultaneously and hence it is advisable to keep a tab on them continuously.

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Family and love relationships may splurge money on luxuries, and you must exercise strict control over the money spent. Financial situation will be sound during March, July, November, and December. Forecast for Health for Rat Individuals during the year are not encouraging, and it helps to keep a strict watch on your health issues.

Pig Luck Prediction by Month 12222

Prevention is better than cure and does not hesitate to take medical help at the earliest. You should reduce your stress and strain and try to relax. Proper diet and sound sleep are vital in maintaining your fitness.