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A solid bond that shines like gold. The dynamic here is Leo taking center stage with Virgo in the wings. However, this earth and fire combination will go through trials and errors to get to this point. In this relationship, Leo is advised to activate the more their playful and creative, lion- hearted qualities that make the Lion so loveable. Leo can be captivated by the sheer quality of the Virgo essence; it represents a kind of ideal that enchants Leo and inspires them in ways they may not fully understand.

For this union to work there needs to be more understanding of each other and true, mutual respect. With other chart placements that blend well, however, a unique mix of creative spark and intelligence can make this a powerful relationship that each finds rewarding. Ruled by the Sun and Venus, these two share a radiant, positive approach to life, a highly developed aesthetic sense and a taste for luxury. Leo needs to feel adored and important, and in return are fiercely loyal and will lavish their love interest with all the riches of their kingdom.

Both signs are romantic, socially oriented, fun loving and expressive, and share fundamental values.

She could be looking deep into your eyes—or just staring at her own reflection.

Libra, the lover and peace-maker, fights for justice and courageous Leo feels drawn to protect the weak and helpless. When they are in tune they can conquer anything. Libra will agree with most things Leo commands and then gently, subtly, lovingly and sweetly suggest and cajole the Lion onto a course more in line with their own desires, often times. Libra is Cardinal in quality, they get things started. Leo is a fixed sign, they keep the ball rolling. These two communicate extremely well and can create a powerful, joyous and harmonious union that includes true friendship, professional collaboration and intimate partnerships.

They dazzle as a couple and enjoy a truly special rapport.

They are socially oriented and love to entertain, and between them, they can network their way to success. A fulfilling relationship on every level.

Leo Love Compatibility: Leo Sign Compatibility Guide!

A tenacious couple — both are powerful and passionate, with charisma and ambition to spare. Both signs are fixed in quality translation: stubborn and an inherent friction exists between them. But with supportive contacts elsewhere in their charts, this relationship can be enduring and fulfilling. Mutual respect is assured. Leo feels drawn to the emotional depth, sensitivity and intensity smoldering beneath the cool Scorpio exterior. Leo lights up a room, their lion-hearted spirits spread sunshine that warms Scorpio to their core.

Both have a dramatic, romantic nature and a committed relationship between these two will be fiercely loyal and devoted. Both have strong egos with a tendency to dominate, and power struggles can arise. Most of the tension between them will dissipate with a common goal, and as both are strong willed and ambitious, they can work extremely well together to create almost anything. Much depends upon compatible factors elsewhere between them.

What July's Leo Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Power struggles of some sort are guaranteed with this combination, yet they can form an intensely powerful and loving union. If they bring a third element into the mix in the form of a creative intention that is dear to them both, this match can burn bright. Care must be taken, however, as fireworks from time to time are inevitable.

A dynamic pair with loads of presence; these two make a real statement when they walk into a room! Ruled by the life giving Sun and fortunate Jupiter, both of these two fire signs radiate positive, expansive and high energy vibes. Their essential compatibility supports a harmonious rhythm; both Leo and Sag are outgoing and ambitious, and will enjoy being active in the outdoors, exploring cultural pursuits or the social scene.

They share a sense of social responsibility, Sag seeking Truth and Justice and Leo courageously defending the needy and protecting the helpless. They both know how to enjoy life — their enthusiasm is contagious. Though some potential conflicts exist, these two have the capacity to bring out the best in each other and can rise to heights of happiness and exhilaration.

Leo: Your daily horoscope - October 09

This is a compatible combo - they fit like a glove. Their fiery natures may spawn some energetic competition, but they can both emerge winners when they realize the potential gold medal this relationship represents. Leo loves an audience, and Capricorn loves power, so along the way on this love journey these two can find they do have something in common, that is if they can keep the balance of adoration and power under control, which is a delicate balance.

Capricorn is far more patient than Leo can ever hope to be, and will steadily help Leo achieve their goals with careful and strategic planning, if Leo lets them. Leo is born to be on center stage and for the most part, Capricorn is willing to let Leo take the kudos and praise they need. Capricorn will sit in the background, but not the back stalls, as they do require some level of recognition for their part in a successful partnership. If Capricorn holds the balance of power and pulls the strings behind the scenes, and Leo is star, then everyone is happy.

The lion is strategic as well, but will go after their goals at a faster and riskier pace than Capricorn, which can cause tension. But all things aside; these two do have a certain respect and fascination of each other. They realize they are very different, however, they both have a high opinion of themselves and this can be almost a reflection of each other they see in themselves.

Leo Positives

They both aim to live the high life, and are natural leaders. If they give each other a chance to get to know the other, they will realize although they have a lot of different character points, they do in fact complement each other in more ways than first thought. However, it may not be enough glue to hold them together as an ongoing relationship.

Hopefully, they can meet in the middle. Opposite poles of the same axis, these two complement each other on an elemental level and can join forces to generate a powerhouse of creative force in the world. Both signs are strong minded, high energy, outgoing and independent. Both express fierce individuality with a glorious, willful abandon, but in decidedly opposite ways. They recognize in each other qualities they lack, themselves, which is part of their magnetic attraction.

Fiery Leo comes from the heart — their sheer power of personality radiates with the warmth, exuberance and celebration of self of a playful, expressive child. Aquarius comes from the mind — they express their visionary genius through an insistence on individual freedom and humanitarian evolution. Aquarius defiantly breaks cultural restrictions; they reject convention and will go their own way without much concern for the opinion of others.

Aquarius needs the warmth, playful, sunny positivity that Leo embodies.

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Leo needs the transcendent vision of Aquarius to help balance their focus on self. The cool head of the water-bearer perfectly complements the warm heart of Leo. Aquarius comes up with cutting edge ideas; Leo grasps their ingenuity and turns them into reality. You loathe Mercury retrograde as it asks you to practice patience. You want your lion's den filled with lovers now. Use mid-July to try and stay out of trouble, indulge in self-care, and plan outfits, parties, and pick up lines for when your season drops later in the month. There is a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse in business-minded Capricorn on Tuesday, July You're smart, lion.

Lay low during this potentially dramatic eclipse and meditate upon what you need to let go and what and who you need to let in.

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Capricorn corresponds with the Devil card in the tarot , which can mean bondage and yes, in some readings, this can be interpreted in a kinky way. However, the restraints are usually depicted as easily removable, the subjects simply do not discard the ropes. Do you have habits originally created as a defensive mechanism that no longer serve you?

Cosmic comet Chiron, known as the wounded healer, goes retrograde on Monday, July 8 , asking us to address any trauma that's still affecting our decision making. It's time to take off those unhelpful habits and restraints like you would an uncomfortable bra at the end of the long day.

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Are the rest of us? Leo season begins on Monday, July You've done enough brooding — it's time to step under the disco lights. Venus leaves Cancer and enters bold Leo on Saturday, July Ask your crush out or finally tell your "friend" that you want something more with them. You should also have that dinner party you've been talking about for ages. Then, there is a new moon on Wednesday, July 31 , the same day Mercury goes direct.

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